To meet the many spiritual, physical and financial needs of the Christian communities that are forgotten and isolated.


 To encourage and build community and unity throughout the regions uniting Christians together.


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In late 2016, Canon Andrew White resigned from Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME). Despite his ongoing health challenges due to his Multiple Sclerosis (MS), he feels called to continue his relief and reconciliation work and ministry in Jordan, Israel, Palestine and hopefully other countries beyond the Middle East. Therefore, Canon White started the Canon Andrew White Reconciliation Ministries and Jerusalem Merit.
Major aspects of Canon White’s ministry and work, include running the School and the Clinic for Iraqi refugees in Jordan, his relief and reconciliation work in Israel and Palestine. All of these are totally reliant on your direct support to Canon Andrew White as he is no longer receiving any support from FRRME.

We really value your financial and prayer support.

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